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Reddit, Mozilla, EFF to hold day of protest, activism in memory of Aaron Swartz

Coalition names 11 February for day of action

Article comments

A broad coalition of well-known organizations announced today that it will stage an online protest against wide-ranging government surveillance of Internet users on 11 February, in memory of activist Aaron Swartz.

Reddit, the Electronic Freedom Foundation, Free Press, Mozilla and several other organizations will urge people to contact lawmakers and put pressure on them to help end the NSA's aggressive information collection activities on the "Day of Action in Opposition to Mass Spying, Honoring Aaron Swartz and SOPA Blackout Anniversary."

Free Press' Josh Levy said in a statement that mass movements of this type are critical to checking the surveillance programs.

"Since the first revelations last summer, hundreds of thousands of Internet users have come together online and offline to protest the NSA's unconstitutional surveillance programs," he said. "These programs attack our basic rights to connect and communicate in private, and strike at the foundations of democracy itself."

The announcement was made just ahead of the one-year anniversary of Swartz' suicide on Jan. 11, 2013. He was under indictment for allegedly downloading a large number of academic journal articles illicitly, and prosecutors had repeatedly stated their intent to jail Swartz. Public criticism of the prosecution has been harsh, with members of both houses of Congress among many others weighing in.

Swartz was the co-founder of the activist group Demand Progress, along with David Segal. Segal said that the NSA's spying is inimical to a free society.

"If Aaron were alive he'd be on the front lines, fighting back against these practices that undermine our ability to engage with each other as genuinely free human beings," he said.

Supporters of the coalition's efforts can participate by raising awareness on social media, install widgets on their personal websites and sign up for email updates at

Email Jon Gold at and follow him on Twitter at @NWWJonGold.


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Arthur Moore said: Yeah perhaps The problem is that whilst there are companies like Mozilla and EFF on board it still isnt enough Reddit is a good start But what you ideally need is a site that many many people use Most people are couch demonstrators screaming at their TV without doing anything else And even if this demo went on TV they wouldnt take much notice but if it impacted them they would listen Either that or its time to take it to the streets but then ooooold school Like intimidating drums and what not At the end of the day the protest itself should only be half of the intention the other half should be how we spark a revolution mass interest and let politicians realize we arent a bunch of nerds only

Anon Anon said: If you were so awake as you seem to think you wouldnt use the word sheep as an invectiveAnd for the record by reading your previous message its quite clear you are infact not awake to the situationSo I would advice you to not speak and say that youre awake since you clearly arent and you shouldnt be trying to be something youre notWorking towards becomming awake is another thing thats something I would advice you to pursueBut at this moment you are not awake and have no right to insult others as sheep youre just a sheep in awakes clothingI dont want to take Kevins approach and tell you to go back to sleep but instead to tell you that you shouldnt speak unless youve solved the riddleSince you will not have seen the whole picture and dont have complete understanding of the issue which makes you as he said mumble nonsenseIt might make sense in your head or your world but for the people that DO know whats going on it is nonsenseI hope you dont take this personally even though its directed at you as a person just think about it and then maybe take an interest into learning about this

Anon Anon said: Thing is that google will never do this And its not because they lack funds or whatever its because theyre in on this Google sends ALOT of information to the NSA in return they get money So Theyre not on your side here buddy

Kevin Schmidt said: Thanks for discrediting yourself and no one else Now go back to sleep and stop with the annoying snoring

Groth1175 said: Somewhat naive to think this is all about catching criminals and or terrorists they wouldnt be so reluctant to give up these powers if it was for something like that The spying is about something they really care about something they desperately desire to such a degree they dont even care how much their image is damaged in the public eye Im sorry to say they dont care that much about protecting you they care about keeping you and everyone else under control making sure nobody can ever threaten their precious power

Fig said: I agree that it would take a hurculean effort to stop what is going on and that people have been oblivious for ages Echelon was way back to the mid 80s at least and that was listening in on all phone calls at least in the US possibly globally Where I would disagree with you is where you say that the boston thing may have been worse I dont agree Nobody has ever been able to show me anything that has been stopped or even reduced in magnitude by any of these programs or the TSA for that matter Spare me the links to old women who had a small pistol or people with pocket knives that were caught None of them meant any harm no matter how much someone wants to throw it out there as evidence of the good being accomplished They want to keep you afraid so that you will continue to allow this crap because all they are doing is keeping your kids safe Thats crap The world is dangerous there is literally nothing that will change that and if a person doesnt like it they should buy a freakin helmet

jero (._.) black said: I dont get it What is he being made into A coding genious that dedicated and shit load of money time thoughts and emotions to fighting for digital rights and internet freedoms Who could possibly be a better poster boy So a few of his actions were a bit unorthodox So what Desperate times call for desparate measures my friend

captain braveman said: thx for reading past the first line how typical of the attention span of a sheep go back to class numbnutz you still have more to learn

Kevin Schmidt said: Thanks for the defeatist attitude Now roll over and go back to sleep because you are mumbling nonsense

do it said: Spam this message everywhere on NSA related articlesThe Day We Fight Back - FEBRUARY 11TH

Arthur Moore said: If only Google was on board if only for a few hours When their servers went down for 15 minutes the internets activity dropped so drastically it has never been seen before Just a few hours black out from Google and the impact would be massive And they can afford that plus it makes them look like the peoples company which would only result in an influx of users and customers afterwards

Freedom Jackson said: its crucial whats happening someone needs to do something may as well be YOU

Jordan said: lol

Non of your business said: He was assassinated i am not dumb enough to believe the oh so convenient suicide from an activist protesting against the govYes i will go there because until we perform a detail investigation surrounding the assassination of this man The injustice and blatant corruption that government departments of the us perform

ItchyTheClone said: It is time to stop holding these people responsible for being inept They are not inept They are knowingly and intentionally destroying your liberty and doing it in their minds in a pigs eye for your own good It is time to start holding them responsible for their actions in a sensible and reasonable manner It is time to start imprisoning those who are responsible

captain braveman said: it was no surprise to me when the news broke that OMG THE NSA SPYS ON US OMG THEY SPY ON EVERYONE they have been doing this since the cold war christ people are so dumb and sometimes really really ignorant of history its the internet they only hear what they want to hear the big bad govt is violating your rights yes and your representatives you voted into office knew all about it and you keep voting them back in now we need to get the govt to step back over the linethe line we let them cross we need some kind of surveillance or else the bad guys the criminals and other pervs rapists etc run amok and without some kind of govt oversight on whats going onwithout it the botson thing might have been a lot worse so its that razors edge of whats allowable and whats over board right now they done gone overboard and its reaaallllllll hard to make them go backwards you would have to kneecap and replace a lot of people both at the nsa and cia and hsc and then replace most of the congress and of course thats just simply a impossible idea so what do we do we look at the issues we find candidates that are supportive of our issues and vote for them and hope for the best thats all we can do well besides talk about it and participate in protests etc but the action part has to be on the ground with the voters and if more people in the us are against the issuebut if more people are for the issue or enough dont care about the issue then the people making the noise about the issue are in the minorityand that sucks i dont see the govt turning back the clock and people saying that change needs to be by forcelol yeah go occupy something like a job

RichardLB said: While I agree that a louder voice is needed lets not make this about Aaron Swartz I disagree that he should be used as the poster child for US anti-government surveillance Without critically analyzing him his upbringing economic status his philosophy and the domino of events that led to him taking his own life please lets not go there lets just say that he is not representative of the masses and his unique form of activism was not and is not representative of the type of activism neededHis loss of life was tragic and very saddening to his family and friends Lets not make him in to something he wasnt

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