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Phishing gang jailed for plundering woman's £1 million life savings

Posed with 'cash sandwiches'

Article comments

A heartless phishing gang that stole and frittered a British woman’s entire £1 million ($1.6 million) life savings on items including “gold and cheeseburgers” have been handed heavy sentences by a judge at London’s Southwark Crown Court.

Nominal ringleader, Nigerian national Rilwan Adesegun Oshodi, was sentenced to eight years in prison and ordered to pay back £1 million under the Proceeds of Crime Act, although this might prove difficult given that the stolen money has reportedly already been spent.

The man who phished the victim’s bank account details and then sold the information to Oshodi for £3,200, Egyption Tamer Hassanin Zaky Abdelhamid, was sentenced to six years and ordered to pay £104,000 under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The woman used by Oshodi to impersonate the victim in order to have bank communications redirected, Annette Jabeth, was sentenced to four years.

Several ‘mules’ were used to siphon off the money without the bank noticing with one, Chika Okala, also receiving a four year sentence; four others received 15 month and 12-month sentences for smaller roles in the crime.

Beyond the fact that the gang stole such a large sum of money from a single person, what makes the case stand out was the brazen way the conspirators spent the money, much of it on a single lavish three-day shopping trip in January 2012.

Pictures released to the court during the case showed Oshodi posing with a “cash sandwich” – bank notes inserted between slices of bread – and others showing him holding up champagne bottles the better to advertise his new-found wealth.

Once the theft was picked up, the gang members were doomed to be caught with the mules creating a trail that led to the perpetrators. Arrests were made only weeks after the shopping trip, in March 2012 with gang members found guilty last month.

"This is an extraordinary case which demonstrates what can be achieved when the Met and its partners work together to tackle trans-national cybercrime,” said Detective Inspector Stewart Garrick of the Police Central e-crime Unit (PCeU).

"I hope that these sentences act as a deterrent not just to those who commit cybercrime but also those who seek to benefit from the proceeds of cybercrime.”

Last week the PCeU arrested several suspects in a similar case after a single American Express Black Card acquired using identity theft was allegedly used to fund a £500,000 "Rolex watch" spending spree.


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alison said: lots of ignorance going on from both sides in these comments the blacks enslaved blacks that has happened in most cultures often painted differently but the same anyhow then then the Arabs enslaved the blacks and it was this that interested Europe to cash in and they sure did Slavery is made easy if the victim is needy and morgan freeman interestingly says that black people shoud apologize to themselves for allowing it to happen I am not so sure about that stance the western world was built on slavery Africans enslaved each other we all do maybe not in such a brutal way physically but we are still very much slaves in a psychological manor kept down through the indoctrination of the ruling classes that is intertwined with our education which makes up more willing What stands out is that for Europeans British many had slaves as a house hold fashion accessory and that is more than unforgivableas for more white being pedophiles I would love to see the evidence of that but i have researched this area myself and there is definitely no conclusive evidence that could suggest that what a very stupid thing to say

Joe Bloggs said: Just a moment please the people who were catching the slaves were Africans so it was really a black-on-black thing OK the sailors used to buy the slaves and take them to the West Indies but the sailors never participated in slave catching

Joe Bloggs said: Hmm I take that with a large grain of saltThe thing is that when I was a boy there was pretty much full employment In fact anyone of working age who was out and about between the hours of 9 til 5 stuck out like a sore thumb It was almost as if they were a truantNowadays a lot of people have time on their hands and as we all know The devil finds work for idle hands

ANTIFABHOY said: the religion of Belgium you FOOL Catholics 58 Other Christians 7 Muslims 5 Other Religions 2 Non-religious 27 Not stated 1

Ollie Oladele said: Dear Guest 1Yes you are being racist its not a question of whether you are or not you are Worse still youre being racist and incorrect and wrong with your facts And you are labeling races of people wrongly My opinion you are just spouting an opinion that is not backed by any facts just your opinion and prejudice and limited experience from your world and people you might talk toknow What does that say about your level of intelligence if you can just say something and believe it post it to a public forum and assume its true and just because youve said it Look at the postings above Over 80 of people in prison are white English 10 black less than 4 Asian Where are your facts that the vast majority of the 3 million reported crimes in this country are carried out by Non British males Do you have some figures are you the Police prison service immigration Who are you classing as non British males By your definition that does not include me a black British male born in South London so what are you actually trying to say So if we get you right youre slamming people and your language definition skills are not even saying what we think you are saying why should anyone take you seriously youre finding it difficult to even logically write what you mean As I said above if the figures dont stack up and bear out your comments question can you be wrong in your world and if youre wrong would you happily apologies to the races youve just publicly slammed and apologise publicly just as publicly as you slammed them Well guess what Guest 1 I say youre wrong as does most of the stats out there say you are too and if you ever get round to looking at or reading a few stats and find out yourself that you are wrong too would you care to do the decent thing and apologize publicly just as publicly as youve wrongly slammed people

Ollie Oladele said: Hi Flick thank you for the conscious response I see from what you say that you are a fellow traveler and that you can do the leap from me to you and onto us thought - so many cannot Yes people are travelling in ignorance I believe in taking the time to confront their ignorance shine some lights and try to understand them yeah you might not change their minds or divert them from their darkness but at least youve spoken truth in the face of prejudice and if they chose to hate persecute and persist in the dark then youve told the truth without fear and if its truth it will stand as that no matter what they think Yeah you are right the threat is us and whats reflected in each other And guess what you cant control them so I dont try what I have power over is me and that I do control at least most of the timeso Im at peace with the world see it for what it is but refuse to walk in fear talk truth as I see it and let the rest fall where it may

1 said: Wether we are racists or not we have eyes with our eyes we can all see that the vast majority of reported incedents be it murder or rape or theft in this case are carried out by NON BRITISH males and the levels of incedents is on the riseWe will never be able to find out why these radical individuals do what they do but we can stop it happening on our soilThe government is responsible the door is always open and the fridge well stocked Well the fridge is becoming bare wake up Mr Cameron close the door to imigrants take a leaf out of Australias book

ged said: all these countries were destroyed and still are being destroyed by cowards who join the army and rich rodents down south ie windsors and camerons and bankers liverpool has many ethnic minorities and one of the most deprived communities in UK it also has one of the highest crime rates and a shooting is reported daily and there just the ones reported everytime something bad happens its a white scouser so your arguement is bullshit poor people with no options and alot of fight will do whatever is necessary to live its time people unbrainwashed themselves and aimed their hate at the real culprits the guys you pay tax to and fight for your puppet masters who bring in the drugs guns and immigrants

Robert Taylor said: I deported myself years ago i am sick to the teeth of the UK the only decent thing which has happened over the last few days is a Pakistanni gang got twenty years for child abuse Ho and i have lots of black friends they is a lot of decent people the UK is not the UK anymore i only visit four times a year i spend my time 9000 miles from the UK although i do have a few places in the UKI think you need deporting Lee do you think that is fair alsoWhy would you deport white man who lives in Britain just bring the noose back and hand all people who do child abuse and people who murder innocent people WHITE OR BLACK OR INDIAN OR PAKISTATNI like the scum who murdered Lee Rigby this is not funny i was abused when i was younger and its about time people started paying for there evil crimesApart from that Lee have a great day

Flick said: Ollie I agree with one thing that you have said and that is your statement on Good and Evil I f we are to blame if we are to point fingers if we are to generalise let us generalise on this point That there is Good and Evil and those are the only choices we have got to make It is not about where we come from it is not about the colour of our skin it is not about our religion and whether we have suffered either I dont need to quote statistics I dont need the approval of others in my opinions either My opinions dont come with endorsements they are made by myself a person I believe can understand the complexities of the world we live We seem to be stagnant on racial issues politically correct issues When really we only show our lack of progression because we have been crying about these issues since the beginning of time When do we all move on from the black card the asian card the muslim card and every other card that is played Poverty Rape Murder and whos to blame We are all to blame we have allowed it We have done nothing to stop it nothing When do we realise it is not about what we went through you went through Its about the here and the now and how we change the past and strive to treat one another with respect and dignity When will people relies that if we stood together and physically did something about the above issues governments would have to listen people would have to listen Never underestimate this power we forget that the power is in our hand to make a change not one on one but groups together I am sorry for the loss your mother faced I have buried two of my own children so I know that loss but I do not use that loss as a weaponPeople are ignorant leave them in their ignorance In my opinion Ollie you have spent too much of your valuable time telling Boff1 what you think of him He obviously is not the Boff he thinks he is however that does not allow Carte Blanch at this table to name him publicly because we all speak freely with pseudonyms it is easy Why expose one when we ourselves are guilty of wearing a cloak which hides our true identity online That was not cool really offended by that one thingYou speak of Good and Evil show it in your actions I believe this is truly how you feel MY ENEMY AND I ARE ONE AND THE SAMEhuman beings

lee8000 said: yes that sounds like a well-reasoned and insightful idea Robert Thanks for your input I am inspired by your thinking In the same vein Jimmy Saville was a paedophile rapist and was also a white man Therefore we should also deport all white men Including you Fair

Zulkefli Johan said: Look at him with his bottles of champagne and smug smile thinking he is a playerhahaplay your ass in jail nigger

Zulkefli Johan said: FCK ISLAM

Zulkefli Johan said: Niggers with money it just doesnt work

14BJF said: You knowim scottish maybe i have a weird viewpoint but Ive been alive for 44 yrs and I really dont think of people as being white or black or asian anymore I just see decent people and fucking idiots And you dont need to be in any particular race to be the latter as this entire thread testifies

Ollie Oladele said: Cool Nick yes it an observation and my apologies for reacting to you statement it comes from the agressive way some people on this site people go about having conversations so I was making a statement too - that Im not a spokesperson for black people who make bad choices just as in the same way you are not for white people who do likewise I think the statistics work out 10 black 4 Asian and theres approx 5 or so that dont fit into black white or Asian races other non E U nationals South Americans etcI think a more telling figure is the number of foreign national people in prison iepeople who have committed crimes and jailed but have no right to be here that figure stands at 14 which is approx 15 times the numbers of black people jailed so may be 13000 or so The government I know are concerned about these figures and rightly so as should we all be as its our taxes and government borrowing thats paying for them what is it you can stay at the hilton for less per night than it costs to do jail So I get peoples concerns but there is a difference between someone who is a citizen and jailed and someone who has come here to commit crimes I hate arguments that lump a load of people into together just because they all dont look like or talk like you and Im not for one min saying thats you Ive quoted figures to back my argument people need to take the time to understand the arguments they are making and ask does the detail and facts back it otherwise you are slamming people without due cause again not saying thats you The devil is in the details and wise people will understand that

Graham T said: Dennis Academics I have to reply to your comment on Pedophiles being white when in-fact many cultures Asian mostly it is legal to force marry child brides and even sell your child on for marriage CNN Indias forgotten children will confirm this white people is a mythMany visitors to Asian child brothels are frequented by Asian men Nothing wrong with being racist either only people who accuse other people hide itAs for Buddhists killing Muslims it is in retaliation to all the Muslims who have the intellect and ignorance to think they can settle anywhere they like and turn neighbourhoods into war zones they have turned the most remote peaceful countries like Philippines Thailand Shri-Lanka China into ghettos and tourist free zones in order to take over and try getting into local politics as well as running sex rings Double standard religion as for these Africans the government is responsible for allowing them in to run these phising scams

Ollie Oladele said: I like debate but why when someone has an opinion that is at odds with your own some of us here mentioning no names resort to abusing each other seriously everyone why wheres the respect on this forum too many people on this site making arguments and when they feel theyve not been heard understood or believed or ignored start abusing someone they dont know or whose journey in life they know nothing about Just saying more respect for each others views would be nice

Joe Bloggs said: Kindly note that it was black Africans who enslaved other black Africans and then sold them to the white traders Some people like to ignore the facts about who caught the slaves in the first place

cambscb1 said: unter rubbishwhy waste time on such rubbish i mean the comments not the story

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