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DNA molecules can 'teleport', Nobel Prize winner claims

Experiment spots spooky quantum imprinting effect

Article comments

A Nobel Prize winning biologist has ignited controversy after publishing details of an experiment in which a fragment of DNA appeared to ‘teleport’ or imprint itself between test tubes.

According to a team headed by Luc Montagnier, previously known for his work on HIV and AIDS, two test tubes, one of which contained a tiny piece of bacterial DNA, the other pure water, were surrounded by a weak electromagnetic field of 7Hz.

Eighteen hours later, after DNA amplification using a polymerase chain reaction, as if by magic the DNA was detectable in the test tube containing pure water.

Oddly, the original DNA sample had to be diluted many times over for the experiment to work, which might explain why the phenomenon has not been detected before, assuming that this is what has happened.

The phenomenon might be very loosely described as 'teleportation' except that the bases project or imprint themselves across space rather than simply moving from one place to another.

To be on the safe side, Montagnier then compared the results with controls in which the time limit was lowered, no electromagnetic field was present or was present but at lower frequencies, and in which both tubes contained pure water. On every one of these, he drew a blank.  

The possible quantum effect – the apparent imprinting of the DNA on the water – is not in itself the most contentious element of the experiment, so much as the relatively long timescales over which it appears to manifest itself. Quantum phenomena are assumed to show their faces in imperceptible fractions of a second and not seconds minutes and hours, and usually at very low temperatures approaching absolute zero.

Revealing a process through which biology might display the underlying ‘quantumness’ of nature at room temperature would be startling.

Montagnier’s experiment will have to be repeated by others to have any hope of being taken seriously. So far, some scientists have been publically incredulous.

"It is hard to understand how the information can be stored within water over a timescale longer than picoseconds," said the Ruhr University in Bochum’s Klaus Gerwert, quoted by New Scientist magazine, which broke the story (requires registration).

What does all of this mean? It could be that the propagation of life is able to make use of the quantum nature of reality to project itself in subtle ways, as has been hinted at in previous experiments. Alternatively, it could be that life itself is a complex projection of these quantum phenomena and utterly depends on them in ways not yet understood because they are incredibly hard to detect.

Speculatively, (and Montagnier doesn’t directly suggest anything so unsubstantiated), it could also be the little-understood quantum properties of the water molecule and not just its more obvious chemical bonding properties that gives it such a central role in the bio-engineering of life-forms. Water might be a good medium in which DNA can copy itself using processes that hint at quantum entanglement and ‘teleportation’ (our term).

Montagnier's paper goes on to discuss the phenomenon he claims to have uncovered using 'quantum field theory' within the context of his personal interest, disease propagation.


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JEJ said: If your question is how so much information is stored in a relatively small space there are a lot of answers better than another dimension Our brains do not in fact store everything Youd probably be shocked if you realized how faulty your memory of your life really is

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Semicollegiate said: Thank you for the orientation This phenomenon reminds me that liquid takes the shape of its container or in this case the shape of a constant wave forceAlso reminds me of the LASER A DNA induced ELF LASER

Daniel Klasson said: Why do you conformists always have to make facepalms on everything that doesnt jive with your dogma

Daniel Klasson said: I think nobody managed to reproduce Dr Emotos findings though

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Pipboy2756 said: Actually Wen you are mostly rightWe still do not know how or why gravity works There aretheories but nothing with the weight of evidence behind it The howwhy of gravity is still one of the big unanswered questions in physics

Yourfat said: Beam me up Scotty

Shoo9666 said: Do you believe in global warming sir

Lawrence said: I share a great read for those attempting to explain the yet unexplainable its called The Biology of Belief by Dr Bruce H Lipton PhD There is a pattern to creation that extends both directions within and without from the micro to the macro The discovery of an EM field around DNA simply helps bring more clarity to the pattern of Creation itself Imagine if you will that there are over 100 Trillion resonating DNA within you within every Cell body of your being thus creating your own EM field around your body and then your field is one with the Earths body which is than one with our Solar body which is then one with our Galactic Body add infinite It is interesting to imagine all the cells within you are but a mirror of that around youas though you were a reflection of the Universe the Creation you are creating We can dive deeper within the nucleus and discover even more of the same add infinite

Wen said: I agree Nik except on one point Science only requires that the experiement be repeatable not explainable Thats the funof science explaining or trying to explainprove something that we dont fully understand right off the bat When gravity was discovered and numerous experiements wererepeated to prove it existed it still took a bit of work from there to exlain whyhow it worked -

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Wrn_jkl said: Did you read his cold fusion paper or are you just going to dismiss that offhand too

michael3ov said: Than you know about quantum entanglement Thats why this experiment isnt very surprising

Rory Vining said: Out come the Orthodox Naysayers without even attempting to recreate the experiment they are already casting doubt on it Completely unscientific and very well articulated in Charles Forts book of the damned

Sev said: This seems unlikely but it makes me wonder about a theory of my own How can our brains hold a lifes worth of information unless our brains are just communication centers to another dimension or place Perhaps there is a potential that our grey mater talks to this other place via some quantum method

Nik said: Most comments here and probably also in the scientific community at large display an anti-scientific lack of open mindedness to the point where its indistinguishable from religion This is science Your opinions and prejudices dont count The only thing that counts is whether or not the experiment can be reproduced and whether or not a model explaining the phenomenon can be formulated

It'sLifeJim said: Its all true I just proved it I jumped in my bath tuned the radio to 7hz and wow Ended up in Leonard Nimoys fish tank

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