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EE customers complain about poor 3G service following 4G launch

Operator claims 3G service issues are nothing to do with the 4G rollout

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EE, Orange and T-Mobile customers around the UK are reporting that their 3G service has deteriorated since the company launched its 4G network at the end of October.

Problems connecting to the internet via 3G have been reported in Manchester, Preston, East London, Hull, as well as parts of Cornwall, Scotland and the North West, leading to speculation that the company is deliberately throttling its 3G service to encourage customers to upgrade to 4G.

“Since service changed from Orange to #EE the 3G speeds have gone rubbish, what I [sic] doing about it!!” tweeted @DomSowler from Oldham.

“3G coverage on my iPhone4 has become effectively nonexistent recently. It's becoming more&more frustrating as tmobile used to be great,” said @StephenJConroy from Hamilton, Scotland.

“Beyond SICK of @EE – this 3G connection makes me want to cry! It used to be fine... #conspiracytobuy4G” added @LizzieCougz from East Yorkshire.

EE told Techworld that the company is aware of a few isolated issues, but denied that those issues had anything to do with the rollout of its 4G network.

“There is a potential, when upgrading to 4G, that there is an impact on 2G. In the process of switching on the base station there may be a temporary outage of an hour or two,” a spokesperson said.

“However, there should be no impact on 3G. This is not a nation-wide issue.”

Orange previously suffered an outage at the beginning of November – just days after the launch of EE's 4G service. (EE's network runs over Orange and T-Mobile's combined infrastructure).

The company confirmed that “some customers could not access 2G and 3G data” for a short period of time, but that this issue was quickly rectified. Calls and texts were unaffected.

Meanwhile, the company is being investigated by Trading Standards following a complaint that its advertisements are “grossly misleading”.

Earlier this month, a man from Plymouth complained to Trading Standards over a poster in his local EE store which claimed that “4G is here,” even though the nearest 4G signal to Plymouth is 120 miles away in Bristol.

EE said that this was an isolated error, and the poster has since been removed. The company added that it won’t be advertising 4G overtly in those stores that are not in 4G covered cities.

EE's 4G service is currently available in Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Sheffield and Southampton. The service will be available in a further five cities before Christmas, with more cities and rural locations planned for 2013.


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Dave Woods said: No t-mobile orange ee 3g in Whitehill Hampshire Used to be fantastic about a year ago

Dave said: I am also having serious network coverage problems with EE I have been with Orange from the start with no real problems Since I have upgraded to a 4G contract I find myself struggling to get a signal everywhere In London with friends at London Bridge I had no signal at all but both my friends O2 amp Vodafone had a full signal Also it seems impossible to get a 4G connection so thats a waste of time also I will definitely not be renewing my contract with EE

CHRISTIAN said: drop call and out of service ee birmingham solihulli have fantastic signal on all other networks but not on ee is that possiblee a raylway station CLOSE TO ME IS THE PROBLEM THEY SAIDand im a 2 year contract WELL DONE EE

AJ Snape said: my business has 40 users on OrangeEE since EE started work on upgrading the 4G signal the phones are useless most of the time emergency calls only on some displays and others just about make voice calls where strong 3G signals previously available im surprised that more of this hasnt been posted on the internet

Dan said: i was with orange originally before it was bought out by EE following that the introduction to 4G was introduced to my area leeds instantly my 3G signal went down the pan from 5 bars in my own home to about 3 now and its the same every where else any way my contract ends very soon with orange and i have been offered a great deal on a 64GB iphone 5 with EE 4G would this be better than my orange 3G signal are they purposely making 3G crap to try get people to go 4G i dont know if i should pay alot more money but go for a different provider

Fjc said: Please advise what we can do as customers locked into a contract with them They continue to say that its not a network issue and we are all paying every month for a substandard service They are negating their contract yet if I leave Im the one punished with a huge fine What can be done

Wapsofa said: Orange 3G signal crap in Plymouth now anyone else in Plymouth have same problem

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